ADDRESS UK OFFICE: B&A Quilting Co. Ltd. Oxford Mils, Oxford St. East Ashton-under-Lyne Lancashire, England OL7 0LT FACTORY: LAHORE-PAKISTAN
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BIRTH OF BEDOUIN Rising production costs in the UK led B&A to relocate part of its manufacturing facility to a more feasible location where it could transfer some of its production expertise without compromising the guiding rules of Quality, Service and Value. This led to the birth of Bedouin (Pvt) Ltd. in 2005 with two Meca quilting machines and one stitching department. In order to ensure a reliable and consistent quality of filled products, one polyester wadding plant was also installed. Mr. Wasim Bashir, the youngest son of Mr. Bashir Ahmed took over as the CEO of this newly established company in 2006. In just nine years, by following the same guiding principles of Quality, Service and Value, Bedouin has seen tremendous growth.
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B & A QUILTING Bedouin (Pvt) Ltd. finds its roots nearly four decades ago, when a young Bashir Ahmed laid the foundations of B&A Quilting with just one quilting machine in the heart of the textile industry, Lancashire, England. B&A Quilting Co. Ltd. was born in 1971 and started to work as a commercial quilter. B&A soon became a key supplier to the garment and bed manufacturers, being located in the north of England and driven by the work ethics of Quality, Service and Value, it has grown into the largest commercial quilter in the UK, with sales in 2009 of GBP 3.6m. With a central production facility comprising of 11 Meca Quilting machines, a fully equipped stitching department was added to the facility in 1982, with a view to provide a broader product range of finished consumer goods. This opened up the path to a larger customer base, amongst which you can find the likes of Burberry, Paul Smith, Barbour’s, HA / Mayers Group, Dunlopillo, Sheridan UK, Jysk, Ikea, Steinhoff Group. Mr. Bashir Ahmed is still the Chief Executive of B&A Quilting, enjoys an advisory role, as opposed to the ‘hands on’ philosophy with which he first started the company nearly 40 years ago. He has passed the baton to the new generation of the Bashir family, comprising of his 3 sons. Javed Bashir, Naveed Bashir and Wasim Bashir.
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A TEXTILE COMPANY Bedouin (Pvt.) Ltd is a dedicated and professional team of co-workers involved in the production of covers for the mattress and furniture industry, with over 40 years experience. Based in Lahore, Pakistan in the rich fertile textile region of the Punjab.
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